One Million Coin
The Why Not Crypto!
One Million Coin is a new experimental cryptocurrency project running on the Ethereum blockchain.
Invest in OMC
OMC Public Sale starts May 1st
900.000 OMC (90%) for community
100.000 OMC (10%) for exchange liquidity
$100.000,- soft cap
$900.000,- hard cap
About OMC
Why should I (not) invest in OMC
The Social Crypto Experiment redefining the value of cryptocurrencies.

We’ll be fair about it: One Million Coin is a basic ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 1.000.000 OMC. We’re not here to promise you that we will disrupt the blockchain industry with a new technology you probably won’t even understand, while giving hope that the project gains value because of it’s complexity. No: One Million Coin is a simple token on the Ethereum blockchain and it has no intrinsic value. It’s pretty cool though. OMC’s price will solely be determined by supply & demand. So why should you invest in this token?:

Why should I buy OMC?

  • Low market cap and limited supply: OMC price might skyrocket.
  • Tell you friends and family that you own a One Million Coin.
  • Karma boost: 10% of our profit will be donated to charity, we’ll prove it!
  • Guaranteed listing of OMC tokens on a (decentralized) exchange!
  • Get inspired from someone’s attempt to create a crypto and earn $1M.
  • Per $1,- invested, you’ll be allocated a pixel on our Millionaires Club page.
  • Great perk: early 2021 we’ll introduce MoneyBack, a crypto cashback system. OMC investors will receive a lifetime subscription with a 100% cashback rate.

Reasons NOT to buy OMC

  • You might lose money: we can’t guarantee OMC’s value after the crowdsale.
  • Listing on a DEX such as Uniswap is guaranteed, but we’re not sure if any top class centralized exchanges such as Binance will ist OMC as well.
  • This isn’t DeFi or some other super high tech project.

One Million Coin: mobile app
Mobile app
We’ve developed the One Million Coin mobile app for Android and iOS and will launch the application on the app stores soon. The OMC App is a modern, user-friendly and secure crypto wallet which allows you to store and transact One Million Coin (OMC) along many other popular cryptocurrencies.
Take a chance and invest in OMC, the Social Crypto Experiment!
Token sale term
      • Name:One Million Coin
      • Ticker:OMC
      • Supply:1.000.000 OMC
      • Exchange:1 USD = 1 OMC
      • Currencies:ETH, BTC & more
      • Min Purchase:10 OMC
      • Max Purchase:25000 OMC
      • Starts:May 1st 2021
      • Ends:May 31st 2021
Platform OMC
Team & Advisors
To be fair, there is no team: this a one man job.
Dave from One Million Coin
Founder & CXO

Hi, my name is Dave and and I’ve been into crypto since 2012. Back in 2012 when I was running a website development company, a guy who applied for a job told me about Bitcoin. Well, ever since that moment cryptocurrencies have intrigued me. In 2017 I founded a Dutch cryptocurrency portal which became the most popular crypto website in The Netherlands with at it’s peak having 60.000 visitors per day. I’ve sold that business and had to sign an agreement that I wouldn’t start a new crypto business within 24 months after the sale.

Time has passed by and now I’m back in business with One Million Coin. Ever since I’ve been into crypto I notice that there are too many projects which make huge promises and don’t deliver, projects meant to be a joke and projects with a very complex technical roadmap of which most people don’t really understand what it actually means. Yet most of these projects were able to gain market caps of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

So I’ve started this experiment: what if I create a cryptocurrency which is no more than an asset which can be held and traded, but I do take care of everything else which can make the digital asset a big success? Why not?

Any investment, and especially any cryptocurrency investment, is considered a risk. So is an investment in One Million Coin. Yet due to a nice project name, some kick-ass marketing tactics, benefits for investors and the low initial market cap of $1.000.000,- I really believe this project might actually be a big success.

Supported wallets for OMC
Any wallet with support for ERC-20 tokens works, but here are few recommendations.
Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a secure cryptocurrency wallet trusted by over 5 million people. Trust Wallet supports thousands of cryptocurrencies, including One Million Coin (OMC)


Metamask is an Ethereum wallet used for storing and transacting ERC-20 tokens as well as for interacting with applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

One Million Coin app

Manage your One Million Coins easily in our official app. Besides OMC tokens the wallet also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, EOS and all ERC-20 tokens.

Frequently Questions

Probably not. In it’s current form, One Million Coin (OMC), is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. We don’t have any plans to launch this token on it’s own blockchain.

The OMC smart contract address is:

You can copy and paste this address to add OMC to any Ethereum wallet which supports ERC-20 tokens. Furthermore, you can also lookup the address on e.g. Etherscan to verify the smart contract.

Yes: to give everyone a fair chance of buying OMC tokens and to ensure that the transaction costs are fair in comparison to the transaction itself we’ve set a minimum and maximum amount of OMC tokens you can buy per transaction:

Minimum: 10 OMC tokens ($10,-)
Maximum: 25.000 OMC tokens ($25.000,-)

No, we do not. We consider applying stages to an ICO to be a marketing technique used to pressure potential investors.

If we would do that we’d probably sell a first batch of tokens at $0,75, a second batch of tokens at $1,00 and a third batch of tokens at $1,25. .

However we think it’s more fair to give all investors an equal opportunity to buy OMC tokens and to have an equal share in for example the charity donations to be made.

No: we’ve set up the smart contract in such a way that no additional tokens can be minted and no tokens can’t be burned either.

The supply of One Million Coin is fixed at 1.000.000 tokens and this amount will not be increased or decreased.

No: please set up your own Ethereum wallet and provide us with that address to make sure you will be able to receive the One Million Coin tokens.

Sending the token to an exchange will only be possible after the cryptocurrency exchange has listed the OMC ERC-20 token.

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